Monday, 24 June 2013


Life is full of intrigues, mysteries and ups and downs that sometimes bring the best or worst out of us. Have you ever struggled in various situations or scenarios and just wondered what is this all for? Well you are not alone on that part. Many people in the business world try to operate at their optimum level but sometimes things just don't work out according to expectations. What then is the solution to this? As a mid 50 higher CEO Huub Teesing has encountered such life changing scenarios in his business life be it all in the pursuit for supremacy in the enterprise world.
The higher self is the solution to most of life's mystery and challenges and those who seek this high level of self awareness often set themselves on the path of a fulfilling and stress free life. Running a business is not one of the easiest tasks to do in life. Ask Huub Teesing and he will gladly narrate and confirm this to you.
Most people find it hard to believe that this form of self actually exists and that it can guide their emotions and thoughts and provide a better understanding of life issues. Well someone will ask then why do all difficulties exist if indeed this self is here to assist us? Well the answer to this is simple and lies in the approach, if you are not willing to welcome and receive it into your life then there is no way you can be able to experience the associated benefits that come with it.
It is all about being in tune with your eternal self and saving time for meditation and spiritual enrichment. The higher self does not dictate to you what to do but rather guides you subtly by giving hints. You however have to approach it and understand that it is not superior or inferior to you but it works alongside you to present the best of you at any given scenario. As a business man this helps a lot in making logical decisions that will stand the test of time.

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