Monday, 24 June 2013

Why People Think I Am Controversial

I am Huub Teesing and a lot of people do not like me. This is not a problem because there are many other people who simply love me. You know, there is an old saying about one man's good guy being another man's bad guy. Some people will like you and some people will not. It is as simple as that. The funny thing is that some people may dislike some character traits in you and these same traits will endear you to other people. This situation applies to me one hundred percent.

I think the problem is that I am a very outspoken person. I believe in freedom of expression. I have opinions on most subjects and I usually express my opinions. Some of these views may be considered controversial by a lot of people but that is not a problem for me. In fact, life will be very dull without a bit of controversy to spice thing up.

It is not really as if I always go looking for controversy. I am in my mid-fifties now and I am a relatively conservative person. I am the CEO/Founder of my own business. I have a wife and four kids so by most standards; I do not have any truck with controversy. I am just a normal bloke working hard, making money and trying to meet all my obligations.

Talking about my opinions, I think the major problem here is that I do not believe in the famous "herd mentality". An opinion is not automatically correct because many people express that particular view. Again, a man does not have to be wrong because he has refused to go along with the popular view. You can hold any opinion you like as long as you have not trampled on anybody's right in the process. This is what freedom of speech is all about.

I hold very strong views on marriage, religion, military service and the rights of gay people. These are no-go areas for most people but then, my name is not "most people". On the topic of marriage, I believe every man should get married as soon as he can. Getting married keeps you out of trouble and makes you a more responsible person. Unmarried people may choose to remain that way but my view is that they are missing out on something really good.

In my opinion, gay people are human beings too. Personally, I prefer they become straight and get married but this is not to say that anybody should trample on their rights. Compulsory military service is cool and every eligible man or woman needs to fight for his or her country. Religion is also a good idea most of the time but people should not fight on behalf of their gods.

These are some of the views I hold and people describe me as a controversial person. The point is that I do not mind. I am Huub Teesing and I have freedom of speech.

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